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The future of Production? Data, not guesswork [Part 3 of 4]

If you’ve been following our content series ‘Fashion’s New Rules:...

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COVID-19: An unexpected catalyst for a better Fashion industry?

As the industry grinds to a halt, some analysts believe there’s an opportunity...

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Unmade preparedness for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the COVID-19 situation worldwide, Unmade has been proactively...

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Fashion’s New Rules: Using Technology to realise the Potential of Iconic Products [Part 2 of 4]

(In 20 years) the aggregate value of the 100 most valuable global brands has...

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Five Top Insights into the Future of Fashion Production from PI Apparel NY

At Unmade, we’re fascinated with using the latest technologies to disrupt...

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Can Technology Fix Fashion's Failures?

Welcome to the next instalment of our exciting new content series, where we’ve...

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Fashion Frontline "Why the Supply Chain is Broken" Part Two

In Fashion Production, It Is Not Business as Usual Anymore Bruno Mattia

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Fashion Frontline "Why The Supply Chain is Broken" Part One

  We are at an inflection point, and the end of mass production and...

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The Digital Disruption of Fashion

Digital technologies are disrupting once-established industries with seemingly...

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Reimagining Supply and Demand for a Digital Future

There are big changes afoot in the global fashion world. Where once our...