London, UK – June 2018 Unmade are pleased to announce we will be attending this year's Createch. Our fashion director and co-founder Kirsty Emery will be speaking on a panel on the topic of 'Personalisation: how digital technology and environments are affecting the way we make, produce and distribute objects'.

As part of London Tech Week, Createch 2018 brings together established global leaders from a variety of economic sectors who will share their vision for the next 20 years with businesses in the Createch sector who will share how they are disruptors and innovators in this space.

Participants from industry will be able to meet with Britain’s leading creative thinkers, communication specialists, designers and developers of artificial intelligence and virtual reality solutions to help them differentiate their product or service, find new ways of engaging with customers and generate loyalty.


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About Unmade

Unmade is a complete digital solution that enables the world’s most innovative brands to create unique customisation experiences at an industrial scale. We call it curated customisation: brands have control but the customer is more involved and engaged in the experience and product.

Once consumers have created their unique item, we handle all steps from online orders to factory floor in your existing factories. Unmade generates every file you need to manufacture, pack and ship bespoke orders. This means that individual and short run orders can be at the same cost and speed as mass-produced items. From online and in-store retail to SKU management and analytics to factory management and shipping, Unmade gives brands tools to provide industry leading customer experience.