LONDON, UK November 2018 WIRED Live is the two-day festival that brings to life the fantastic and compelling stories on ideas, business, technology and design found within WIRED magazine. WIRED live features a selection of influencers creating new pathways to the future; they are artists, scientists, designers and entrepreneurs with a vision of how the world can- or should- evolve. The Test Lab at WIRED live showcases new and exciting technology and gear with which audiences can engage.

Unmade will be exhibiting in the Test Lab in collaboration with Rapha Racing Limited.

About Unmade

Unmade is a global fashion software company driving innovation through customisation and delivering an end-to-end digital solution for on-demand production at scale. The business, started by Hal Watts, Kirsty Emery and Ben Alun-Jones in 2014, was born out of a desire to reimagine both the design and manufacturing processes within the fashion industry, so brands only make what is actually sold, resulting in minimal waste. It then officially launched as Unmade in 2015, having previously been called Knyttan.

The company was nominated for the LVMH Innovation Award at VivaTech in Paris, and in 2017, it won the Best Use of Innovation at the Drapers Digital Awards in London. Furthermore, Unmade was most recently named as one of the 100 best creatively led businesses in the UK by The Creative Industry Council, and in May 2018, it completed the Lafayette Plug and Play program as part of the renowned Plug and Play innovation accelerator.

Pieces from Unmade are now a part of the permanent collections at both The Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.