New York, USA, June 2019 The Event for Product Development Leaders in Fashion

PI Apparel brings together the fashion, apparel and footwear industry to discuss the challenges and technologies disrupting the industry.

Join us in Manhattan, the heart of New York City, as we explore the strategies and technologies employed by some of the most progressive companies Worldwide.

Unmade will be taking part in a Think Tank discussing 'On Demand Fashion: Creating the Next Generation Supply Chain'

As brands look to pursue digital opportunities in an effort to create a more efficient, transparent and sustainable end-to-end manufacturing process, the customer is demanding better differentiation and more bespoke, intelligent retail experiences. Brands are responding to this through innovation, bespoke customer engagement and diversified production.

Fashion trend lifecycles are becoming ever more rapid, and the ability to provide on-demand customisation and production is growing more essential for brands, as they look to respond to market demand and remain relevant. Current production systems fail to enable quick responses to consumer and market demands, resulting in massive waste.

In this interactive think tank session we’ll explore:

The next generation supply chain and how to start implementing this into your business
Insights from industry key players on their experiences of implementing on-demand production
The role of digital technologies in driving supply chain change and what this means for design, marketing, sourcing and finance teams.
How initiatives such as customisation and limited edition runs can pave the way for on-demand production.


About PI Apparel

PI Apparel brings together fashion, apparel and footwear to discuss the challenges and technologies disrupting the industry.

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